If you would like to visit or participate in training at Aikido Kyoto, please contact us through our visitor's guide.

Sandokai Aikido Kyoto Nishijin Dojo

Mizomae-cho 966-30
Kyoto 602-8319

From Kyoto Station
City Bus 50 or 206 to Senbon-Imadegawa

From Hankyu Omiya Station City Bus 6, 46, 201, 206 to Senbon-Imadegawa

From the Subway Karasuma-Imadegawa Station
City Bus 59, 201, 203 to Senbon-Imadegawa

From Keihan Demachiyanagi Station
City Bus 102, 201, 203 to Senbon Imadegawa

**Be aware that the Nishijin dojo may be difficult to find, so please check the map carefully and allow yourself plenty of time when visiting the dojo for the first time.

Sandokai Kyoto Budo Center

46-2 Shogoin
Kyoto 606-8323

From Kyoto Station: City Bus 5 or 206.
From Hankyu Kawaramachi Station: City Bus 5 or 201.
From the Subway Karasuma/Marutamachi Station: City Bus 202 or 204.
From Keihan Marutamachi Station: 20

Sandokai Hirakata Class

〒573-0004 Osaka Prefecture
4 Chome−10−1

Sandokai Fushimi Class

Kyoto Prefecture
Fushimi Ward
Takajocho, 39−2